You can't compete with me, I want you to win too!

If the competition is your main focus, you've already ready lost, boo. Get your mind focused on what you can bring to the world. I realize you may be providing the same products and services as FashionNova, Snoblife, or even Walmart but, I guarantee that it will not feel or look the same because it came from you. Now, if you decide to completely steal everything from top to bottom, that's a whole other issue. , Lets look at what it means when you work with your competition.

The secret sauce is working with someone who compliments your brand. Yes you both may sing but, there's something so magical in these 2 voices joining together. H.E.R and Jazmine Sullivan are both R&B artist but, together you are blown away and they realize that impact. So, why not create a song together that tells 2 stories from 2 different perspectives that so many women can relate to. It doesn't take anything away from either of them.

Girl Like me hit so hard.

Now, for the longest I always thought these 2 women look alike. Not a bad thing there's just a strong resemblance at a quick glance. Amber Riley and Raven Goodwin awe about to make history together in their new film featured on Lifetimetv. You can not tell me that's not a collaboration worth watching. Make sure you mark your calendars for 2022 Single Black Female thriller. I am so happy for them. Keep winning ladies!

Both Doja Cat and SZA are so different. There brand screams don't put me in a box. And they found a way to work together. Kiss me more is so dope. The video gave you all the life. Neither was down played and neither had to deem their light to let the other shine. It was the perfect collab.

Expanding the market is exactly what Megan the Stallion and Cardi B did. There's so much to receive from both of them. They do not sound alike but, made the same song , together. I mean their vibes aren't even the same. It's bigger than 2 black women with boom bodies, explicit language, and "bad bitch" energy. There are stories to be told her. This makes them both storytellers. And that's the damn move!! No shade all love from both ladies! That's real magic! It give the rest of us motivation to do the same...Well at least it should.

Who would you like to work with? How can you bring value to each other? Can you genuinely cheer for her?

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