Run your business with the right mindset

Growing a business isn't just about a killer marketing strategy. It's about owning your mindset, increasing your confidence, stepping into your leadership, and creating impact.

Dream with me for a minute here, imagine your favorite female entrepreneur. If you're me, your thinking Rihanna's FENTY empire or Issa Rae's HOORAE media company. Think about how they started on this journey, working to perfect their product and service that was for sure going to be a big deal. Either way, I am almost for certain they have a success-oriented mindset from jump.

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Can you imagine the confidence in themselves they have to build in order to get a team, investors, and US to sign on to what they were presenting. I'm sure they were gonna do it anyway because that's just some Alpha Female shit. LOL but, real talk think about it. This female founder energy is not always easy.

Here are a few strategies to help you develop a BIG BRAND ENERGY mindset.

1. Step outside the your box without thinking

Let me explain, sometimes we think so long and hard about the plans and dreams we have that we never make a move. Just reading and researching foreva! It's time to overcome that challenge and become so positive in the outcome it scares us. This is where that growth begins

- Develop a list of exciting new challenges you want to overcome. This can be anything from emailing your media kit to a producer, traveling to attend a conference, or schedule a photoshoot for a launch campaign.

Whatever that challenge is, make sure it truly interest you and it will keep your attention. Otherwise, it may be hard to stay focused moving forward.

2. Surround your self with movers and producers.

I know we all have that one friend that is so much fun and makes you cut up. However, she is not talking about making money or elevating her lifestyle. Those days of mediocrity are dead, sis and auntie!

- Your environment plays a significant role in creating that "Big Bawse Energy" we all strive for. Remember, whether you notice or not we a social creatures and we can be influenced by the people around us. So, make sure those people are worth your time and pour into you.

3. How you start your day matters.

Develop a simple morning routine, these habits weigh heavily on how your day will go.

- Wake up earlier than usual to get your day moving and focused on your goals. This extra time allows you to work on your body with a 20-30 minute workout or meditate to help reduce stressors or negative thoughts.

4. Believe in a instincts.

You have to begin to trust yourself. When you know, you know. Stop being afraid of the facts. You know who you want to sell your products, service, and/or content to, you know what they would love, you know where to find them, you know why you want to provide and why they need it, and you know how to get it to them.

- Now, we have to trust that we can do all those things. Data and research are important but, when you have that energy of confidence and knowing, it hit different.

These are just a few must have strategies to help you run your business and lifestyle successfully. But, we have to start somewhere. So, yes get the courses, ebooks, and join the webinars on marketing strategies. Just know that none of this will work of you are not personally and mentally ready to make it happen.

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