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If this week did not teach us anything about owning your thoughts and content...I really don't know what will. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp went down. For most, business owners, yes this includes influencers, had no other means of communicating with their audience and/or clients. Moving forward I need my fellow entrepreneurs to know better and do better. This is the wake up call we needed to begin to learn and manage your website and SEO, build a email list, and add your post to your website as a blog post. This goes for the entrepreneur that sells cookies to the entrepreneur that sells commercial property.


Besides the whole "turn your followers into customers" requires you to have a real estate beyond a social media post, story, or reel. Google search engine and keywords can make you money without having to depend solely on a like, follow, or share.

Before you launch that website thinking it's going to make you 6-figures like some expert on social media claimed it would. Setup your website to run accordingly, that's the part they leave out. This is also that part you need no matter what business your starting.

Basic SEO setup.

  1. Buy a custom domain. Whether it's WIX and Shopify. Make it happen.

Your website needs it own domain to succeed in a search. This also build real trust with potential customers and your community. Be sure to choose a domain name that is related to your industry this helps your site ranker higher for related keywords.

2. Setup a Google analytics account.

Simply head over to Google Analytics and click start for free. Follow the instructions to setup a property and setup a tracking code so Google can collect your website date. Once your are there step-by-step instructions are actually very simple.

3. Setup Bing Webmaster tools

I know most prefer Google search only but, Bing is the second largest search engine in the United States, NOT FACEBOOK. This is a free Microsoft tool that lets you add your website to the Bing crawler. Once you're added you will show up in their search engine.

4. Purchase a paid plan

Free trails are cool but, once it's over your website is no longer a factor. This means your page is no longer indexed or crawled. That means Google will no longer search for your business.

On-page SEO Checklist: blog, services, and product pages

5. Keyword Research

Answerthepublic is a great start to determine the search volume of keywords and get keyword ideas. The volume relates to the rough number of monthly searches for a specific word.

6. Page Optimization

Make sure your are using a Headline tag that contain the page's main keywords. Keep you page titles under 60 characters so they aren't overlooked in the results. Currently, Google displays the first 50-60 characters for most webpages. Keep your meta description exciting and under 155 characters. WIX will tell you if you've exceeded this amount.

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Research to see what other similar websites pop up as in the search engine. You will be surprised.

7. Content

Now, this is the part that we all do but, as so afraid to create. Crazy but true. This is also a very simple task once you understand and believe in your business goals. Brainstorm, consider what your clients, customer, and/or community may ask or need to hear. Help them get more value from your product or service by offering surrounding need related to the product like a if you sell lashes, tell them how to clean them and store them, If you offer a waxing service tell them how maintain their skin afterwards, Hell even offer an affordable regimen to help them in their daily routine. Remember to always use keywords in the blog or description that match frequently asked questions.

Email Marketing will change your life. You actually own this list, girl. So, here is where you need to get really social. Send emails like your client is your bestie. Tell them what's coming up in your business, new products that they need, or give them VIP access to your new service. This list can go on forever depending on your next launch or business goal.

Here are a few apps you need today!


Now, Friend don't say no one told you. From this day on your should own your content and the direction of how your business grows online.

Til' next time,

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