I get everything I want because I attract it.

It's one thing to be positive an on a daily basis but, it's whole other thing to actually believe it.

It's your thoughts that are controlling your destiny. You can not write out a clear plan and cut out the perfect pictures for your vision board and still think, "It's too much to aske but, I still want it.

Let me explain.

Attracting the lifestyle of your dreams requires you to be 5 years old everyday.

Hear me out. Most children wake up everyday in full on princess dresses, a crown, gloves, and even glass slippers. Because they truly believe they are Princess Ana. She wont allow you to call her anything other that Princess ( insert name here) and she wont answer to anything else either. She has tea at a table suited for royalty and even curtsy's when she introduces herself. She is all in on the belief that she is a princess and requires those around her to treat her as such.

That's the same energy I need you to have moving forward sis and auntie!

Know what you want

Only you can make life happen according to your wants and needs. After you've written down your wants and pasted your goals on a vision board, Start act as if. As if its already done.

Remove anything that blocks you

We all know the saying everybody and everything can't go with you. This journey to greatness is only for you. You will meet new friends and associates on the way that will inspire you to keep going.

Anything that does not make you feel joy needs to go or be changed immediately. The friend who only wants to twerk and club hop, the ex that loves you but, obviously doesn't like you, the family member who simply does not get it, needs to be ignored.

You will no longer live for them

Show yourself proof

By showing the possibilities to yourself helps you to keep going. This will silence that little voice in your head that you created when you were a different person. Start reading and watching people who are winning. Listen to those who are where you want to be. Take what works for you and make it your own.

Are you ready to being designing the life of your dreams?

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