GTKM with Dominique "G.I. Jane" Williams

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During a get to know me session with the beautiful Dominique "G.I. Jane" Williams, we talked to our Cincinnati native about her role in the new "Shaft" movie, who she is, what's next, and 5 things she must have before she leaves the house.

We all know who G.I. Jane according to what we see on Instagram but, we wanted to know more about the woman who created her, Ms. Dominique Williams.

She's that girl who decided to GO FOR IT! The actress, army veteran, and cancer survivor who left Cincinnati and made her way to Atlanta to begin living the life she dreamed of.

Image courtesy of Dominique Williams

Being a Cincinnati native, that left and never came back! Like most do! Tell us what's your secret sauce to making sure this didn't happen to you?

This is so true but, staying motivated and focused for sure because you can get caught up in Atlanta, there's a lot here to GET CAUGHT UP IN. When I was leaving Cincinnati, I had 5 friends who were leaving Atlanta on their way back home.

You naturally give off a beautiful energy, When was the moment you made the choice to be great, no matter what!

From the day I was born! lol I knew in elementary I was different. My grandma always said I was a character, It wasn't until I got older that I understood what she meant.

I read that you would like to speak to young girls in the inner cities, in college, and girls that have also dealt with an illness. Any plans on writing a book?

People always ask me that since I have gone through so much. I actually went to school for writing so I would love to, I can write about everything. However, writing about myself has been the hardest thing to do. It would definitely have to be written in volumes because there's a lot to tell. One story always leads to another one.

At the end of the day, Who is Dominique Williams

Ohhh, that's a good one because it's different from asking who is G.I. Jane. Dominique Williams is a hippie, I'm a free spirit, I'm blunt, I'm a lover, I'm inquisitive, and I'm an all-around open person. I'm more than what you see on Instagram

So, What's next?

Well of course, acting and acting classes but, I want to do something empowering for women.

Your body is amazing, Can you give us some tips on how to stay snatched?

I just eat healthy and drink water. I actually would like to workout more but, for the most part those 2 simple things

Image courtesy of Dominique Williams

Give us 5 things you must have before you leave the house

Water, Cellphone, a book(I have one everywhere), music. SN: It's old fashion but, I still use my IPOD.

I was so surprised to hear this, I had to laugh because my husband refuses to get rid of ours. Dominique quickly said, "Oh no, you can't, you need the music. What if I want to FaceTime or make a call while I listen to music?"

I had to agree, because the IPOD was almost as good as gone. LOL

Oh, and last thing I have to have is my carmex!

"Moisturized lips are the keys to success." LOL

Check out "Shaft" in theaters now

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