Say Hey! to one of this years BLOGGER BASH panelist. We are so excited to have her join us on September 15th as we breakdown to highs + lows of blogging in Ohio.

Rebecca gave us a little insight on her journey in our get to know me Q+A below. She gave us so much life!

Q1: Can you give us a little of your background? What inspired you to create RJSFASHION?

RJS stands for Rebecca Joy Shakespeare which my maiden name and it came about when I was studying aboard in London,England. I was inspired by my experience there and loved the urban-vintage fashion there. 

Q2: What was the vision behind it?

I have always wanted to be in fashion since the third grade and knew I needed to start somewhere before I could become a fashion house so I started with accessories. I also wanted a fun, funky faith based brand that allowed my clients to feel unique and comfortable in their own  style. I also wanted to feature other brands and people I thought were inspirational/impactful to my audience. 


Q3: How long have you been creating Fashion accessories? Was this your chosen career path?

I have been making accessories for myself since high school but started selling them in 2011 on my college campus. I was getting my bachelors in Fashion Merchandising at BGSU

Q4: What was the process of building a blog like? How long did it take you to get started?

I had started the blog portion of my business while on break from school. I literally jumped right in. I did research on networking and made a list of people I wanted to interview/feature on my blog and started reaching out to them for a phone interview or a face to face interview.  

Q5: What inspired the name choice?

I really wanted to keep my name in some way or some form in my business name. 

Q6: Where did your love for mixed patterns come from? 

I started loving mixing prints when I became seeing designs by Betsey Johnson who is one of my favorite designers. I loved how she would put crazy bold prints together. 

Q7: What blog/photo post was the most fun to create? 

I think one of my most fun photoshoots I did was my Disney's genie inspiration fashion shoot. 

Q8: What excites you most about being a panelist for the Alpha Female Blogger Bash? 

I'm so excited because I get to connect with other bloggers in the city and talk about something we love to do! 

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