Kariah Von is such a freakin' mood! Every week she gives us looks that are not only trendy but authentically Kariah Von. So, there's was no second thought about adding her to our BLOGGER BASH PANELIST on September 15th, 2019.

Here's a sneak peak of what's in store for you!

Q1: What inspired you to become a fashion influencer?

When I realized that there was an outlet for me to do what I absolutely love and create a career out of it. 

Q2: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced with starting your social media presence and YouTube ?

My own self-doubt. I down-played my gift and as a result it keep me from believing that people would not only be interested in my style & way of dressing but they would also be interested in me as a person. I didn't think that I had something worthy enough to offer the world. 

Q3:When did you know you wanted to become an influencer ?

When I started to see other people doing it and being successful; knowing for a fact I was just as good and had something different + unique to offer.

Q4: Are there any life mantras that you live by? 

"You know what you are destined for, just get there."

Q5: Who inspires you?

My biggest inspiration is Teyana Taylor. She's so unapologetically her yet so misunderstood and I can relate to that on many levels. She always knew who she was and seen the greatness in herself before anybody did. I share that same feeling + understanding. 

Q6: What advice do you have for aspiring influencers ?

Your dreams and aspirations are waiting on you. You'll never be "Ready" so just start and learn along the way. Also, you can't expect people to take you seriously if you don't take yourself, your work, your art seriously. 

Q7: What is something you would like to see more women do to support each other?

WORK TOGETHER ! Collab + build relationships. If you have something to offer someone, offer it. If you can exchange products or services with one another rather it be business related or personal. Support each-other. 

Q8: What excites you most about being a panelist at the Alpha Female Blogger Bash?

Meeting new people and sharing knowledge is what I look forward to.  

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