Girl Gang Formation

Ever feel like your friends sometimes forget how to be a friend? Do you feel like your friendship is missing something?

Well you're not the only one.

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To be honest, no one friend solely offers you everything you need in a friendship. Think about it one friend is a great listener...but she's not always available when you truly need her. Others are loyal...but not the best one to turn to when you need some positive reinforcement.

I think you get the drift.

We get different things from people and a lot of the time, no matter how large your friend circle becomes you may not get all the things you want in order to feel truly supported.

"friendship" is a pretty vague word. In general, we don't always know exactly what we want from every relationship until we've been through something and realized what we do and don't want. So, for awhile it seems like something is always missing.

So lets breakdown the 8 must have friends needed to form a true Girl Gang!


The one who motivates you to go harder and move to the next level of your life. She's supportive , she believes in you

and won't let you give up. She genuinely wants to see you win.


She's your personal cheerleader poms-poms and all!

She'll stand up for you at all times. She's the friend that sings your praises. She excepts you for the person you are. She's your loyal friend with whom you can share things in confidence.


She's the one who loves the same sport, music, food, or movies you like. This is the relationship that last pretty long. Because in most convos you often find you have so much in common.


Simpy put, she's " Your Bestie!" She's always there for you no matter the circumstance. You two have an unbreakable bond. She's there for all major life events, whether good or bad. She's the one who can sense your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


She know everybody! She always knows someone that could help. She makes friends everywhere she goes. She is the bridge builder who helps you get what you want. She introduces you to others. She always invites you to

dinner, lunch, or for drinks with others.

This expands your network and gains you access to new resources.


She's the fun friend! It's always a good time when sees around. These are you most positive moments. Conversations always give you life. She picks you up when you're down.


She's the one who always sends you new books and articles you need to read. She expands your horizons. She always encourages to embrace new ideas, opportunities, cultures, and people. She ask good questions that make you think. With her you can express unpopular opinions. She makes you a better person.


She's the one who talks you through the pros and cons until you find an answer. In difficult situations, you need her by your side. She keeps the positive going and makes sure you stay grounded. She helps you remember

who the hell you are. An ALPHA FEMALE!

From my personal experience, it is highly necessary to take time out to write down and evaluate who's in your current circle. Ask yourself if they're are

pouring positive or negative energy into you. There's nothing wrong with eliminating the associates that you have outgrown.

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