Get to know our Founder Love Daniyiel

Daniyiel Walker aka Love Daniyiel is a Visionary first, she had a vision at the age of 17 to run a magazine company downtown, in a high rise building that overlooked the water. A space that would curate quality photoshoot and video content with top talent for big brand names. From there she would host large scale events with top talent and 1000's of attendees. In addition to a nail bar and boutique style hotel connected to the office. Big dreams never really scared her. Still working on the last few ideas. However, her main dream is coming true.

Currently, she does have a media company, has hosted and curated 5 sold out events, produces, host, and created a podcast called Alpha Female Energy, worked with multiple women to help elevate their brand awareness and design, and is now the VP of Content with Herald Beauty, the largest newspaper in Ohio. With no plans to stop here.

In 2022, the first half of the year The Alpha Female Association will have a home in the downtown Cincinnati area, this will be the heartbeat of the black community.

We will have a team of creatives that is unmatched in the Midwest. From daily content creation to live experiences guaranteed to impact the city positively.

Marketing, branding strategies, and experiential marketing come easy to Daniyiel because she has a natural love for the story being told about the brand. She loves working with female entrepreneurs in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, not that she is cancelling the possibility to work with others, this is just her lane.

Now, it's time to press on the gas and go little harder. Our next event is the Content Summit. Meet us there!

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