EP.3 AFM Podcast. Check on your strong friends! monthly session w/ Courtney C. ,LPN.

There are levels to being the strong friend. As Alpha Females we are sometimes the forget friend it seems because we are often seen as the friend that has it all together or we are so strong we don't need anyone to celebrate us or listen to our ups and downs. Truth is we need you sis! Even when it seems like we have it all together and we are smiling, we need you!

However, after speaking with Courtney C, licensed professional counselor with Poppy's corner, a female black owned mental health group practice based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She definitely came and dropped some major gems about Alpha Females learning to be vulnerable enough to receive the love we silently yearn for. She also schooled us on what social anxiety really is and ultimately opened our eyes to what really may have been going on with summer walker.

So excited that she will join us every month for our "Check on your strong friend" Sessions.

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I am learning all the time. My tombstone will be my diploma.

- Eartha Kitt

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