Candyman has always been here for me.

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This man has been an enemy of mine since I was like 7. I watched scary movies with my mother all the time and of course we watched more on Halloween. But, let me explain why he has not been someone I chose to mess with for so long. My father, the prankster he is, decided to turn the lights off and lock me in the bathroom the same week I watched this movie. We lived in a freakin' apartment complex at the time. I promise I died like 8 times in that bathroom while my father laughed his ass off in the hall way.... Then I was so mad at him! But, I did laugh once he released me from hell. LOL

However, my biggest disappointment is the fact that he didn't tell me the WHOLE story. Candyman was never here to hurt me but, protect me from the negativity and cruelty of this world of those who may not like my skin color. I promise Jordan Peele is my top/favorite producer at the moment. I mean I would've never in a million years thought that I would consider calling this man in my time of need. If you are still holding out because you are afraid like me, I urge you to watch now as a full adult. Put on your big girl panties, watch it in the day time, and get your favorite snack and watch it all the way through. I dare you!


Ok, it was really his voice for me! I mean I couldn't even watch him in other movies either, and truth is I probably still can't. Don't judge me!

I do recommend that you add this to the Halloween movie night (daytime for me) line up.

Oh yea, I did all that and forgot to tell y'all why I think he has my back.! We know that story about how he was nearly murdered by slave masters, stung by bees, and had his hand cut off and replaced with a hook. He then goes on the 'hunt' in the hood of Chicago but, gotcha gotcha is... he was only protecting his people from being hurt the way he was. He only attacks our enemies and is there for us when you call him, Especially, if the police are involved.

Honestly, at the end of the movie I found myself actually thanking him for his service... who woulda thought?!

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