6 of the hardest things to learn when starting a business

5 years. Yes! 5 years is how long people say it takes to claim you've "made it" as a successful business. Well at least you've made it through the first hurdle. Within in these 5 years, you have so many high/low moments it's unreal.

From personal experience sis, This shit is hard. You are not alone if you think you are the only one who has struggled to make your business pop. These tips are straight from my personal ups and downs of starting multiple businesses in the past years.

#1 Comparing yourself to others

I know, it's a natural reaction to want to list your success against

hers but, trust me it's pointless. You will waste way too much

energy doing this.

#2 You will feel lonely.

It's only temporary however,, that struggle is real. You're gonna feel

like everyone should understand your late nights and

your laser focused attention to working. You will find yourself

in conversations that don't interest you unless

it's about self or business growth. And that's ok you, this is

the moment you realize your circle just may need an upgrade.

#3 Broke is going to be a real issue.

Only for a while, don't claim it. Just think about what you need to

do next to gain more income. In the beginning, going on girls trips,

shopping, and dinner every weekend is fun but, it has to stop for

a moment. It's for the best so don't get discouraged. This is a

process. Your first business loan should be funded by the bank

of YOU. Just think of it as a short term adjustment.

#4 You will be used

Becoming a business woman will challenge you. This journey is not

for the weak. You're gonna meet people who will use you for

your time and talents. And you may think you played yourself but,

remember 2 can play that game.The user is now your testimony or

case study, just remember not to let it happen too many times.

#5 You're gonna cry.

Most Alpha Females hate crying. It feels like a sign on weakness.

Whether it's a win or lose. You've worked hard and getting

closer to success will cause an Alpha Female to shed a thug tear

or 2.

#6 Your close friends and family may not understand

For the most part remember they have put you in a box. If they've

never ran or started a business, getting a job is the only avenue

that makes good sense to them. Unrealistic is the word they will

use because who the hell do you think you are, right? This is a very

frustrating part of the journey. It's now time push beyond your

comfort zone.

These are some of the true realities of running a business. After all, you are still human. Life will still happen. The best advise I can give is to always work on you from the inside out. It allows you to begin learning who you really are and what you really want.

I promise this breeds better businesses.

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