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I have always wanted to be a business woman. When I was 17 I wrote my first business plan. My parents told me that if I wanted to know something don't wait on people to hand it to especially if it could be found at the library. So, I educated myself on blogging, graphic design, magazine layouts, marketing, branding, event planning, even how to run a hotel. I spent about a year researching every industry  I was interested in. The goal was to own at least one block full of small businesses designed for women who love fashion, beauty, money, and living the life of their dreams! I wanted to be the heartbeat for the city of Cincinnati's media industry.


Of course, nothing came easy I started and failed a few times before I discovered my purpose in life was to be an advocate and empowerment officer ( personal hype-woman) for black women who needed help amplifying their business or motivation to personally be audacious in life as whole. I realized I had to experience life before I can coach or manage others.


I had to become the Alpha female to encourage the next Alpha  Female to live life anyway. 


I am a mother, wife, and fearless female founder.


I am your empowerment officer a.k.a your female hype woman with passion for business development and personal growth. Being the founder, creative director of the Alpha Female Association, the producer and host of the Alpha Female Energy podcast, & event producer of the Blogger Bash and Brunch AF events. And then failing at running a business and balancing my personal life I knew I wasn't the only superwomen trying to make life happen.


So, I created the Alpha Female Association. 


The Association has free resources, paid programs 

curated with your personal and business growth in mind.

So, even if your only here for the master mind course, events, podcast, or to link up with other female bawses' in our community of Alpha Females. You will find 

a podcast episode or worksheet to help you scale your life and business.

I believe your energy control you lifestyle. It's your mindset that controls your behavior. Which then creates what I call Alpha Female Energy.   


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