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+ You have all the passion to make a BIG impact ( and income), but no one around you seems to get it... and it's stressin' you the F**K out.

+ You know for a fact that you are destine for more than the life you currently live but, no one around you gets it... and you are tired of feeling like an outsider.

+ You have BIG IDEAS and REAL BIG DREAMS... but you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by how to actually turn those dreams into reality.

+ You genuinely want to support and celebrate other black women... However, you haven't found a group a black women who feel the same way?

... you seem to be all over the place.

And you are seriously starting to think...

Maybe this isn't my lane or Maybe that type of circle doesn't exist

Sound about right?

Welcome to the most supportive corner of the internet that genuinely supports and celebrates black women.

Yep, that does exist. 

I'm so excited that you've landed here - a place where dope things happen and even more dope connections are made.

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First of all, let me be the first to say...HELL FLIPPIN' YES you can do this!

And, HELL FLIPPIN' RIGHT it's possible for you!

and trust, there is no denying that this business thing is SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Let alone finding a tribe that

gets you. I get it. I really do.

I have been exactly where you are!

But, let's be real, you know your ancestors made you more than capable of


If you are willing to put in the work and believe in yourself, We will create real success.

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What if...

+ Every time you needed a pick me up, you had a community of Alpha Females to get you together.

+ Every time you felt lost, you had a place to find answers.

+ Every time you had a new idea, you had someone there to get excited about it with you.

+ Every time you try to let fear get in your way,. you had your own personal cheer squad to push you.

+ You had a community of like-minded Alpha Females to network, collaborate, and make real friends with.

+ You had a dope ass coach who was ready to FULLY support you on this rollercoaster ride we call

entrepreneurship and life design.

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Entrepreneur, branding, and lifestyle coach, podcaster, content creator, mother, and full blown lover of experiencing life to the fullest.

I am on a mission to bring effortlessly powerful black women like you together so, we can all thrive in life and business.

After 14 years of coaching and managing tons of women, I know for a fact that when you have real support and accountability of a community, your percentage of success increases... this includes real happiness.

For years, I've watched black women struggle to work together and get their business off the ground.

Truth is we need each other.

And yes we all have google readily accessible at our fingertips but, there is NOTHING like having a support system to help you go get to a bag or live life rather than just exist.

I got really sick of the same story of " black women don't support each" and decided to form a community that here to see us all WIN.

And it's so time to give resources and answer vs creating content that prompts you to pay for everything. Yes, we never go into business to be BROKE but, we need to have a safe haven to brainstorm, ask questions, get feedback, and celebrate each other.

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A place where they could get more than an event that still left them lost. She can learn about the systems behind creating a successful business. She can connect, collaborate, and grow alongside each other on the their journey to 6-figure status AND GREATNESS.

And...of course...have some fun on the way.

I didn't' see where this existing in Ohio.

Soooooo... I created one.

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This is bigger than a social club, This is a movement for dope women ( like you)

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Like most memberships, there is a fee, which guarantees members access to The Association and its benefits. Payment of dues ensures that members remain active. Club benefits include access to exclusive events, discounts, and networks. Fees also go toward organizational processes, technology, development, and maintenance. Special 

guest, initiatives, etc. are also covered with member fees.

Early access and discounts to events 

Weekly accountability calls

Monthly mentor sessions

Discounts on services and courses

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AFA curates exclusive events just for you! From social media management to wine down girls night in, informative panels, and exciting fitness classes, being a member of this association gets you on the VIP list in multiple places. 

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AFA stands alongside some amazing

black women. From business owners, to nurse practioners, to lawyers, and creatives. One of the most magical parts of this experience is our network.

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AFA is more than a social club, we 

know the importance of growth in life and business. We offer courses, professional development, wellness sessions, and more more.

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AFA is a sisterhood first. Our mission

is to build a community that last for years.

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AFA has partnered with some amazing

businesses who are ready to 

provide exclusive discounts to

our Association of beautiful women.

I know first hand about the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded audacious black women has on your life and business growth.


Because I owe so much of my success to the energy I receive  to my dope ass business besties!

it definitely fills MY HEART with so much joy to be in a room with type of energy

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Chrisette Michele is our First honorable member of The Association. She is an American R&B and soul singer. She won a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2009 for her song "Be OK". She was previously signed to Motown Records, Capitol Records, and Caroline Distribution but was dropped from her label in 2017. 

We truly appreciate her support and craft. 


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