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To provide a roadmap to successful lifestyles for African American women by African American women who create the experiences, tools, and resources needed to begin designing your dream life! And always having fun at the same time!

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 We are here 365 days of the year in conversation with on community of African American women centered around their lives both personally and professionally. 

We creates moments by gathering the next generation of creatives, entrepreneurs, and female founders in a beautiful room and our Alpha Female Energy podcast, to spark conversations around topics they not only love but, are truly passionate about from building a your business to creating generational wealth. We touch on all topics relevant to the modern black working and business women. 

With The Alpha Female Association you are sure meet other like-minded, talented black women looking to continue or start designing the life of their dreams, all while collecting gems from some of the best in the business. Our attendees get access to amazing curated, impactful one-day workshops, courses, dinners, mentor sessions, and panels as well as delectable food, drinks, pop-up shops, gift bags, and so much more. 

We know our attendees are seeking impactful life changing moments of motivation that will elevate their businesses and lifestyles. So we create content and events that ignite themselves and relationships in an beautiful and captivating environment. 

Alpha Female has curated events like The Blogger Bash and Brunch AF within the city of Cincinnati that we plan to also provide throughout the Midwest. IN 2021, we are proud to introduce Alpha Female 100 and Alpha Female music fest in 2022. In addition to Alpha Female TV on YouTube. 

Experiential production plus quality content, engaging talent, and our super engaged community of ambitious and creative African American women is sure to help give your brand a voice.

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